International day of photography

The power of pictures in the eyes of our team members

As a photo reward company we could not Iet International Day of Photography go by without a celebration.

At Stampix we believe in the power of pictures, this amazing ability to bring us back to precious moments and feel it all over again… That’s why we’ve asked our team members to share the stories of a picture they cherish and the magic it brings out in them.

I miss the beautiful landscapes in Iceland that I visited a few years ago. The incredible Icelandic natural landscapes have stayed in my mind since then. The glaciers, the waterfalls, the lagoons and the volcanos are all masterpieces from mother nature. They are the most spectacular sceneries I have ever seen.
Every time I look at this picture I'm transported there immediately.

Wing Tong

This photo represents the moment I met my godchild and became an aunt to this beautiful little boy.
Every time I look at these pictures, I feel an overflow of happiness and excitement!

Floriane Kint

Family. It’s been 3.5 years since we were all together. Longing to hug this gorgeous, loved bunch again.

Holly Pedersen

I choose this picture because it reminds me of the amazing day I had with my best friend but also, it reminds me of all the magical years of friendship we shared.
A picture truly says more than a thousand words!

Eveline Tant

My friend Amanda and I were invited to a Grey Goose tasting party in the Meatpacking District when I lived in NYC with some of our other friends. I will never forget this night because Amanda and I pretended to be food critics all night and had so many good laughs because of it!
Every time I see this photo I laugh out loud remembering the fun we had.

Amanda Fleuridas

I spent a year there as an exchange student, making lots of great memories during my senior year. From Halloween, Homecoming week over to Prom and Graduation Day.
I love to look back at the photos that remind me of those amazing times and adventures I had.

Niki Antoniadis
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A small social experiment

To prove the power of pictures, we’ve asked a few of our team members to tell the stories of their pictures on camera. What they didn’t know is that we wanted to

capture the emotions that came up as they shared their memories...

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