For loyalty programs.

The world’s most successful loyalty programs are able to surprise & delight customers. But let’s face it: points and discounts just don’t do the trick. If you are looking for a unique and scalable reward that will add value to your loyalty program, photo rewards will fit your brand like a glove.

Take your Loyalty Program to the Next Level and improve your NPS by +30 points.

The new era of loyalty

If your customer retention strategy relies on buying loyalty with coupons or discounts, it is coming at a high cost. And these days, it could also mean that you’re giving up something priceless: your relevance.

According to recent consumer research from Kantar Retail, 71% of consumers now claim that discount incentive programs don’t make them loyal at all.

Evolved loyalty programs are designed to cultivate emotional loyalty by demonstrating a company’s appreciation for their customer.

To achieve emotional loyalty, a brand has to foster positive emotions such as joy, familiarity and a sense of belonging.

How Photo Rewards can help you
win the new Loyalty Game

How Photo Rewards can help you win the new Loyalty Game


By helping your customers to eternalise their most precious memories, your brand will foster positive emotions.

Value for

Due to the high perceived value vs. cost of photo rewards, your brand can reward customers for more than just spending.

Branding &

Each photo reward is unique, and is personalised with inspiring messages & assets from your brand.

What exactly is a Photo Reward?

Photo rewards are a new way for brands to engage with new or existing customers. They receive their favourite photos, printed and delivered as a gift from your brand. In return, your brand collects genuine opt-ins for future comms and becomes part of their living spaces, as a tangible conversation starter.

Stampix takes care of every step – from setting up a branded web application to uploading consumer photos, to data capture and the actual delivery of thousands of photo packages. All you need to do is provide us with the artwork, we do the rest.

No extra workload for your team!

Looking for some inspiration?

In this series, we gathered the world’s finest retention and loyalty marketers to share their insights on the current loyalty landscape. No sales pitch, no fluffy marketing inspiration but real stories and insights from the greatest minds in loyalty marketing.

The Loyalty Expert Talks

Rob Chandler

Former Head of Customer Loyalty at Sky

Kim Hardaker

Head of Loyalty & Partnerships at Etihad Airways

Mariëtta Robbé Groskamp

Business Development Director Europe at Velti